I’ve recently had a couple of clients that have asked me the same question: Does my biz need a blog? Should I add a blog on my website? My answer is always: Hell Yes! 

It’s funny because I started out having a blog before I made it a biz , and what I have learned is that it is crucial for your website to have a blog attached to it. Simply put, it will help grow your traffic and in doing that, your exposure and finally, your sales.

No matter what your business is about, design services, coaching, selling products, e-products, copywriting, web development… its not enough to just have a pretty site. You need to have a strategy, something that keeps attracting fresh clients to your site, you need a marketing strategy for your biz, and the easiest way to achieve all of this is through a totally free blog. Below are my top 5 reasons why your biz needs a blog!


Let’s start with the basics. You have a cool website, it has all the information about you, your services, your mission, etc… but then what? How are people finding your site and your services? If you want someone other than your bestie to go on your site, you have to create different channels to keep people comin! If you start a blog and post at least once a week, it will start attracting readers. It’s all about creating content to use on your social media channels. Let’s say you post on your blog and pin it, tweet it and share it, all of those sites now have direct links to you. Now, keep doing that every week and you will have a steady stream of readers on your site. (Don’t forget to craft really good articles too, you want to help your readers and show of them skills 😉 ).


One of the things I hate about going on sites is feeling like it’s another big company. A faceless juggernaut that is just looking for more likes, followers, and that I just don’t get (or they don’t get me). I love companies that have heart and passion behind them, I like to get to know who I am working with and who I am getting a service from. Basically I want to feel like this person gets me and cares.

One of the great things about a blog is that it is a creative space for you. You can write about your thoughts, your travels, your life with a dash of biz and services in the mix. Sometimes a potential client just wants to know more before they are ready to buy (or subscribe!). Your blog is a way to show that you know your stuff, its an opportunity to leave no unanswered question, for readers to get to know you better and for you to show your readers who you are. This is the space where you can shine and be YOU, its where you get real with your readers.


A blog is also a wonderful tool for you to show off. I’m talking about bragging rights done the right way (without sounding super conceited). A blog can be a great way to show off some of the great things you can do. I personally LOVE to do process posts of our work, I do it as a way to show a behind the scenes of what happens when you work with us, I like to show the logos that were not approved, the graveyard of color palettes, and also fully finished projects with a blurb of how we got there. It not only gives potential customers a peek into what it’s like to work with us, but its a chance for us to showcase all the good work (even spec work!) that we do that does not get approved. Use your blog to show who you are, what you do and since its a creative space, have fun with it! It’s a way to show another side of your biz.


Now for the cool part. How will a blog bring you more clients?! Well, nowadays, its so easy to connect with your ideal customer, ideal client, ideal tribe and they are the KEY for your biz to grow. A blog opens up a channel of communication, think of it as a private line between you and a potential client. By writing good, high-quality content and sharing it, people will start noticing you. I have gotten so many new clients that find me on Pinterest (I know right? Who would have thunk it?), and the reason for that is because they saw some of my blog posts, liked them, clicked on them, and voilá! They landed on my site. A blog is a great opportunity to craft good content that will lure potential clients to you.

It does take work, I’m not going to lie, but that work pays off. You need to find a focus, keep creating content and learn how to share it with the world. If you need to know how on earth to do all that click here.


Last but not least, it boosts your SEO! (For those of you who need help with SEO or have no idea what it is, download our handy guide here.) Basically, the more often you publish content, the more often search engines will visit your website. This means that your site will go up on search results! It also means that your posts will be found faster that someone else’s and gradually search engines like Google will deem you an expert on a certain topic. For instance, Blog Tips, if anyone does a quick Google on that, you will pop up on the top 10 (granted you blog at least once a week).

So basically, Google will not send users to out of date content and abandoned sites. The more content you publish on your blog, the moreGoogle will like you and know that your website is alive and well, so, it shows it to more people.

Any Q’s or Comments, I’m all eyes!