How long has it been since you gave your website a little facelift? How long has it been since you thought about it? It can get pretty crazy trying to make the time to work on your brand, especially when you have to take care of your clients, blog, have a life and try to balance it all out. Let me just say that even if you are swamped, you should never stop improving your brand.

I always try to keep up with the times, the updates, what’s new, what works and what doesn’t. When I first started out with the HelloDesignSugar Blog, I was update crazy. I put it through 2 major re-designs, 4 minor changes, and I just launched a new and improved business complete with a new blog and site. Why? Well, I took some time aside to give you some info on why you should revamp your site. What are the benefits and why it’s so important to do it!

Let me start by saying that there is no right or wrong time to do it, you just have to do it when you have time so don’t stress. I love doing site revamps, I think I am a regular when it comes to updating and tweaking here and there. I had to learn that it doesn’t matter if your site is not 100% there yet, as long as you have it live and functioning, you can always fix along the way. The important thing is that you are out there in the world and doing what you love, which is why revamps are awesome, you get to re-launch your biz/blog without having to sacrifice readership. Let me explain why it is super important to do revamps…


Ok, so you have been running a blog (or biz) for a while now. Cool, now what? Well check Google Analytics. Who is reading your blog? Who is following you? What is the market you are hitting. Google Analytics will tell you everything you need to know, what they are reading, how long they are on your site. It’s basically the bible to your site. For example, I found out (after months) that people tend to go to the blog directly and completely skipping my homepage, AND if they do enter my site through the homepage, I had a 70% bounce rate. Which means that my homepage was not working, but my blog was! So now I am working on re-doing my site with my blog as the homepage. You live and you learn! This way I know what people want and respond to and I can increase my readership. If I ignore the facts and leave my site unchanged then I won’t improve or grow.


Is your site responsive? Does it work on multiple browsers? Do you know if it looks the same on Chrome and Safari? What about Tablets and iPhones? Android Phones? I know it’s hard and there are a million and one techy things out there that honestly I don’t know about, but it is super important that people can READ your blog and SEE your site. Nowadays if your website is not responsive (meaning looks good on mobile devices and desktops) then you are loosing more than 50% of your readers. You need to revamp your site to reach your maximum audience! If someone lands on your site on their phone and it’s not responsive and so, hard to read, they will bounce out in a second. The more you can make your site available, the more readers you’ll get. So even if you don’t do a complete re-design you can revamp your site to be responsive.


I am a minimalist, and I love clean and modern designs. I am not saying you need to go full on minimal and have nothing on your site, but do a bit of spring cleaning, if you will. Have you ever gone on a blog and have a pop up harass you? How about those ads that saturate all of the page that it’s distracting to read the article. How much stuff do you have around your site? Widgets, apps, ads, fav post, Instagram etc. Sometimes it gets to be too much, so much that your site looks cluttered and readers get distracted with all the sidebar action. If you are trying to get them to read your blog, services, products and what not, you need to give them a focus. Less distractions is better, so clean up your site! Get rid of annoying pop-ups and random app madness. Trust me, your readers will thank you.


How strong is your branding right now? Is your website set apart from the rest? Over the course of my blog’s life it has had major re-designs, and that’s because I was not happy with the way I had branded it initially. All my posts did not look like they belonged to the same family, let alone the same website. Take a moment and think about your site and if it all has a cohesive look, your homepage, your posts, images, fonts. Mine was not, and I am still to this day slowly getting it to a place where I feel like it is all cohesive and makes a statement. So revamping is great to make your brand stronger, change little things here and there until you feel like your site has a strong identity and people will start to respond and know that that image comes from your blog.


Your company evolves and grows as you do. Maybe what you set out to do is not what you are doing anymore. Your purpose changes, your readers change, and so should your site. You need to be prepared and be flexible enough to change and modify as your business does. Your website has to represent what you are doing, and if that changes then a fresh design is what you need. I started my biz/blog with a lot of ideas, I was doing wedding designs, branding, giving blog advice, doing recipes and it was all too much. Fast forward to today, and I have re-targeted my business, I now focus on branding + web design and blog about being a freelancer. Change is good, but make sure your website changes with you.

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No matter what your business is about or if you just have a blog, you need to make constant updates to your site, and that includes total revamps. You need to keep your readers interested and keep up with the tech. It doesn’t have to be today or even tomorrow but make some time for it. Your site and business is just as important as your client work. Hey if Instagram and SnapChat have updates, why don’t we?