Lately I’ve had a lot of people ask me when I am doing more freebies, why our newsletters are MIA and why we have not been posting as much lately. I wanted to take a moment and kind of tell you guys what me and Keal have been doing the past couple of months, where we are going and share our lives a bit.

A couple of months back I had a panic attack and thought where the hell are we?! and what are we doing?! I mean in life. Ever since we got married it seems that all we do is travel, don’t get me wrong its not a bad thing, its a blessing and I am so grateful we have been able to be exploring and working together for two years now, but sometimes I feel a tad lost. I have been trying to build a business while searching for a place to call home and keep up with my current clients while feeling oh so guilty when I don’t post regularly.

Skip to today, I am super excited because business is picking up! I am pumped and full of ideas and things I want to do for you and to make Kemy even better, we just don’t have a steady home or office yet so everything is sort of on pause. But guess what? We’re in ESCROW! We decided to do the adulty thing and start investing, we bought a cute townhouse in Old Town Scottsdale (yeah, we’re sticking with Arizona… for now), and we just have to wait it out. We already have plans to turn our garage into a badd-ass kemystry office. 😉

Right now, we’re currently in California crashing with some awesome friends and then we’re off to Mexico to stay with my parents for a month. Then we’re visiting my in-laws at their new pad in Sarasota, Florida with a quick trip to DisneyWorld for my birthday (because I’m obsessed). We are totally unstable which is why I have allowed myself to take things slow and not feel guilty for not tending to all social media and the blog here.

So keep in touch peeps! I promise we’ll be back with more goodies soon, we just have to take it one step at a time and settle down in our new home. 🙂