Im going to be totally honest with you guys, I have been totally unmotivated these past months. I have made little to no effort to get new clients and I have been MIA from social media except for the occasional panic post when I realize I have been neglecting all of you. This got me thinking a lot about my business, my blog and myself.

This year has been amazing to me, I keep repeating it over and over in my posts but it’s only because it really has been a giant rollercoaster of BIG events, so bear with me. Thinking back, I only quit my full time job in the advertising world back in April, so this year I was STILL in the 9-5 world, crazy right? Then I split my time between planning my wedding and starting my blog/biz, then coming back from my honeymoon I dedicated my time to planning my crazy travel adventures. I lived in NYC for a month and then moved to London to live there for another month, then traveled Europe for a while and finally came back to California early September. Thats a lot of stuff jam-packed into half a year! Then me and my husband made the brilliant choice to up and move our life to Scottsdale, Arizona. So yeah, I moved states, started over and still managed to sometimes blog and tend to my clients.

I have been my worst enemy by pressuring myself and expecting way too much. I am totally for the girl power and the ‘you can have it all!’ thinking, but honestly I have to give myself a break. I still managed to start my blog which I’m thankful for, I still have my on-going clients, and yet I am still beating myself up because my readership and clientele are not where I want them to be.

I have to take a step back and look at the bigger picture, to look at my whole year and realize that I have already accomplished so much. I’m trying not to worry and work myself to the point where I feel useless for not becoming this overnight success. I should not be ashamed for being where I am, I am still growing and I have managed to get somewhere, and that’s a start. So for everyone out there that is constantly putting themselves down, stop, look at what you have accomplished and focus on what’s next. Which leads me to today’s post… my ULTIMATE plan to grow my biz & blog this year.

I have been meaning to take some time and think about my business, my blog and how I want it to grow and what I am going to do to make it happen next year. So I created this workbook to help me gather my thoughts and I want to share it with you! It is because of this workbook that I was able to narrow down my focus, make the tough choice to leave HelloDesignSugar behind and start my design studio Kemy. This workbook helped me find my passion, find my tribe and ultimately made my biz and blog stronger, I hope it can do the same for you.

This workbook is right for you if you want to spend some time on learning how to grow your business, fixing what’s been missing in your strategies and learning a thing or two about the impact of design in your blog. If you are interested in making a few changes to your biz to finally being able to earn some much deserved cash flow, this is the right workbook for you!

Still not sure if you should do the workbook? Here are some highlights you will be learning and working out to maximize your growth next year:


We start from the beginning, your biz basics. The way to create a successful business plan is to know who you are. This first section will go over everything that encompasses your blog and biz! It is designed to help you visualize the ins and outs of your business on paper.


Branding is a very important and essential part to your business. It can make or break you, and if you have a strong cohesive brand it will help you and your business stand out and eventually become recognizable. This section will help you identify the weak spots in your branding and teach you how to fix, change and eventually make your branding stronger.


Your website is the portal and the main communication between you and your audience. That means that the better your website is the more people are likely to stay and get to know your biz. Learn what is new, what works and how to use your website as a powerful connection to your readers and future clients.


Harness the power of social media to start building a community of your tribe to get more exposure and grow your biz.


Now is your chance to turn your biz into a money making machine, be it through your blog, services, products, you name it, you can do it. Learn some ways you can do this without a lot of effort.

I really got a lot out of these sheets, it helped me put all my thoughts out there and actually start seeing my plan of action for 2016 that is already in place with my new site/biz/blog. I hope this helps you guys plan for 2016 no matter what stage of the game you are at! So in case you missed it, here is your download again, just click below to get your freebie.

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How are you growing your biz this year? Let’s chat down below!