New in Portfolio | My SAS Couture

My SAS Couture is an online fashion boutique store that offers affordable apparel and
accessories. The inspiration behind the brand is rose gold foil, the texture and color in
contrast to a stark black brings a sophisticated a chic tone to the brand. To add a note of friendliness, handlettering was chosen for the logo and other assets to elevate the aesthetic with flourish and fun. Overall My SAS Couture manages to stay elegant while remaining approachable as reflected on their website design and collateral materials.

New in Portfolio | Milk and Honey

Milk and Honey is a bakery in Houston, Texas. The image of the brand was created to reflect it’s two core values, vibrant and warm as well as upbeat and fun. All ingredients are locally sourced as well as organic, and so we chose the honey worker bee as inspiration for the overall brand.

New in Portfolio | Niu Superfoods

Niu Superfoods is a California brand offering organic superfood smoothies promoting a healthy lifestyle. Niu is the Hawaiian name for coconut, this, along with a beach lifestyle, was the main inspiration for the vibrant branding. You can view the whole site here.


Hello! Today we are sharing our process for a new client, Milk and Honey! We had such a blast with this one, the vibrant colors and the boldness of it was very interesting to create.

We actually went through a bunch of different bee designs before settling on the above. Here were our top picks:

Which one is your favorite?


Hey All! It’s been a while… I know. I thought I’d pop in and do another design spotlight! Things are moving along on the studio and we are trying to keep up as well as focus on the next step in our biz.

But enough about us, today’s design spotlight features Niu Superfoods. We are very excited to share this with you, it has been a wild ride to work with these guys and help them take this cool product and make it something awesome.

We have been showing sneak peaks here and there for months now and we can finally reveal our process and branding for it. We are very happy with how it came out. The branding screams vibrant color and it reminds us of tropical paradise. Don’t you agree? Stay tuned for more! We’ll be back soon.