Its finally Friday! I’m sooo excited for this weekend. I have so many things to catch up on since we are heading to my hometown in Mexico for two whole weeks. It’s my best friends wedding so I’m extra happy to be going back home to see my friends and family… and tacos, always for the authentic tacos and cuisine hehe.

Anyways, I created these watercolor freebies for this Fri-Yay Freebie. I was in Cali last weekend and I saw some gorgeous agates at a farmers market in Santa Monica. I decided to get creative and recreate the colors and textures in watercolor form. I just love the pink and orange hues that came out. I found this neat online tutorial to help me get the textures (you actually use salt to get some of the stone quality!), it’s super easy and the results are beautiful even if you have never watercolored in your life, the tutorial is easy to follow.

You can download your watercolor desktop wallpapers below:

Download Agate Watercolor Wallpaper 1

Download Agate Watercolor Wallpaper 2

Download Agate Watercolor Wallpaper 3

Download Agate Watercolor Wallpaper 4

Download Agate Watercolor Wallpaper 5

Download Agate Watercolor Wallpaper 6

I dabbled with incorporating some lettering into the agate textures and was thinking of some phrases to put in there (Agate you babe… haha), but I decided not to since my minimalist side was screaming to leave them alone. So I kept them clean and colorful without adding to much, but maybe next time i’ll do a version 2.0!

I hope you guys enjoy these, I got a lot of positive feedback for my first batch of freebies that I just want to keep them coming. Hope you have a great and creative weekend. 🙂

If you have any requests for next week’s freebies, I’m all eyes!